AWS Scripted

AWS Scripted: How to Automate the Deployment of Secure and Resilient Websites with Amazon Web Services VPC, ELB, EC2, RDS, IAM, SES and SNS

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The book demonstrates a fully scripted method for launching a Secure and Resilient Website with Amazon Web Services.

Topics include:

  • VPC – Full setup with support for Muti-AZ RDS and ModSecurity
  • ELB – Full setup with SSL (self-signed or valid) and WebSockets
  • EC2 – Creating a Shared Image, Linux/Apache/PHP Servers, Admin Server
  • RDS – automated deployment of server and database
  • IAM – Scripting IAM Users, Keys and Policies
  • SES – How to send email from the Cloud with Amazon
  • SNS – Implement callbacks in PHP for SES Bounce and Complaint Feeds
  • Web Server Security: ModSecurity, PHP Suhosin, PHP.ini, Chrooting
  • Web Server Setup: Monit, Rsyslog, ModRpaf, Curl from Chroot, iptables
  • Admin Server: Centralised Logging with Rsyslog, LogAnalyzer
  • Admin Server: Monit, Mmonit, PHPMyAdmin, Scheduled Tasks with Cron
  • Admin Server: Admin Website Full Source Code
  • PHP Website: Handling SSL, Sessions on a Multi-Server System, Session Security
  • PHP Website: Secure Database Access, Hashing Passwords, Supplying Passwords Securely
  • PHP Website: JS/CSS Minification, Google Recaptcha and Full Source Code
  • RDS MySQL: Database Creation, User Creation, Management
  • RDS MySQL: Connecting and Querying from PHP
  • Java Mail Server: Forwarding Mail to SES via Java
  • Remote Access: SSH to servers, Connect to Admin Consoles
  • Bash Guide: Essential Tools for Automating AWS

Please visit Amazon in your Country and check out the Look Inside feature – you will get a good idea of the Contents and Style of the book.

All code is available for free Download.

The price varies slightly by country, but is about US$10.